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VSI Audio was created by a group of well, um, shall we say 'older' gentlemen with Aerospace Engineering backgrounds.  Beyond that, there is also over 30 years of experience in the Audio Industry.  What started as gentlemen's wagers about what would sound the best turned to be a pursuit of audio excellence, and pursuit of technical achievements.

Kronos Recording has been the proving ground for the treasures created by VSI Audio.  New technology is tested and subjected to hypercritical analysis.  Be it a block or a transformer, each component is exchanged and examined in order to find the best possible sound, consistency, and quality.

The experience the Engineers bring to the table includes the very latest in modern manufacturing techniques where components and circuits are created and observed in the virtual world before seeing the light of day.  The use of CAD/CAM insures the tightest of tolerances and best organizational layout for each and every component, in terms of heat, sound, and aesthetics.

And for those of you that hear, and care, we thank you!









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